Daily Menu

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How do our menus work now?

Think of us as a high end coffee shop with great food. A simple patisserie. A trip somewhere lovely and different.

We change our sandwich and soup offerings daily. One special sandwich, one vegetarian sandwich, one soup option, baked goods and build your own salads. Everything is pre-made and ready to go but using only the tastiest, freshest, high-end ingredients. We no longer have a full restaurant menu with hot items but we DO have amazing baked goods, special treats, and tasty to go sandwiches and salads.

Our menu has changed but our taste is the same. Each menu item is crafted to be great when you eat it now or take it for later. Our new menu also makes service fast and easy — no wait times, no lines. You won’t be disappointed.

Generally we offer:

2 daily pre-made sandwich choices (one vegetarian, one not)
1 soup (seasonal)
Salads take out (build your own with house made toppings, add-ons and dressings!)
rice krispie treats
gluten free baked goods made off site
snacks, chips, bars, popcorn etc
jelly beans and candy
coffee & barista drinks
soft serve ice cream
iced teas
slush puppies
yogurt parfaits
to go items and cold prepared foods

We do not take orders by phone — there are no wait times for food, so it’s grab and go and what’s available on the counter at the time you walk in.

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