IMG_9562Is the Reading Room a place to sit and read or do I have to buy something?

We encourage people to relax and stay a while…but it is a cafe.  You can stay as long as you like and there is no minimum for tables, but if other people are waiting for a seat, we hope people will share some space. AKA play nice.

Why don’t you put more seats in here?

We would love to! Unfortunately the Board of Health and the Town of Bedford will only allow us 16 seats. That’s it.

Are you exclusively local or organic? Is this a farm-to-table cafe?

No.  We prefer a little balance. We believe in eating local and choose to do so whenever we can, but we’re also realistic in knowing that people have to make choices for their families and their wallets.  We source amazing food, we use gourmet level ingredients, and we offer the very best options.

Don’t you love the environment?  Why do you use these disposable items?

Due to the local water protection laws, we can only use a limited amount of water per year.  The Board of Health and the Town of Bedford require us to use only disposable items. We take recycling seriously. The vast majority of our disposables end up in our single-stream recycling bins. We recycle double the amount that we throw away.

How do you calculate your prices? Why do items at your store cost more than chain stores?

We calculate our prices based on our own costs for products, staff, and over-head.  Because we purchase less than chains, we are charged higher wholesale prices.  And we buy REALLY great stuff, and hire REALLY wonderful people who deserve to be compensated for it.  We also only pay staff on the books.  And we pay our taxes.  It’s tough to be legit.

Why is “buy local” an important thing to do?

Local stores set the tone for the town, they increase property values, they pay local taxes, they employ local folks, and they support local charities. So if it helps, think of every sandwich you buy going to support your local school or town infrastructure!

Can you give to my…(insert school name, non-profit, team, church, etc)?

We love to give to our community and although we wish we could support every cause in the area, we have to pick and choose or we’ll go out of business loving up all of the great organizations out there.  In order to be as fair as possible in our giving, we have a system… click here to read more about it and how to submit a request.


And because Baristas are like Bartenders…we present: What Should I Do?

I feel kind of sad today. What should I do?

Eat Antidote Chocolate. The antidote to every life problem.

My teen is stressed and moody today.  What should I do?

Feed him french fries.

I don’t actually know how to cook but I decided to cater my own dinner party.  What should I do?

Put out our amazing cheeses, crackers, and meats paired with ridiculous and tasty IPA beers and by the time dinner rolls around no one will notice what else you serve.

So, what’s your favorite sandwich?

All of them.

Or, you can submit any real questions…email info@katonahreadingroom.com.


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