Breakfast (all day)

EGG SANDWICH: scrambled perfectly. on toasted white, multigrain or gluten free. $5

ADD: cheddar, goat cheese, $1.50, bacon, $2, avocado, $3 & tomato $.75

AVOCADO TOAST:  avocado, country bread, sea salt & olive oil.  $8.50

EGG TOAST: scrambled eggs, country bread, sea salt & olive oil. $6.50

BRUSSEL SPROUT TOAST: sweet potato hummus, brussel sprouts, pancetta & spiced nuts, country bread.  $11

SALMON TOAST:  smoked salmon, country bread, cream cheese, red onion, capers & lemon.  $15

PROSCIUTTO FIG TOAST: housemade fig compote, prosciutto, Harvest Moon cheese (5-spoke creamery, NY) $11

ADD:  scrambled egg or bacon. each $ 2. tomato $.75

BAKED: croissants, scones, & daily specials.


DARK:  kale, vegetables, spiced nut mix & parmesan. L $12, S $10

LIGHT:  mixed greens, dried fruit, spiced nut mix, apple & goat cheese. L $12, S $10

FALAFEL:  mixed greens, falafel, cucumber & tomato & pickled onion. L $12, S $10

BANH MI: mixed greens, Asian roast pork, pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumbers & spicy mayo.   $12.50

MUSHROOM BANH MI: mixed greens, roast mushrooms, pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumbers & spicy mayo. $12.50

CITRUS SALAD: arugula, radicchio, orange, dried blueberries, coconut almond crumble & ginger vinaigrette $9

GLUTEN FREE QUICHE: a crustless quiche of the day w. simple side salad. L $11.50, S $8.50

QUINOA BOWL: herbed quinoa, kale, cashews, currants, & feta. $13

HARVEST BOWL: cumin roasted carrots, brussel sprouts, lemon farro, greens & crispy chickpeas. $14

HOUSEMADE DRESSINGS: red wine vinaigrette, yogurt cilantro, lemon tahini or balsamic vinaigrette. included w. salad.

ADD:  grilled chicken $4.50, fried chicken $5, smoked salmon $4, avocado $5, herbed quinoa $4, falafel $4, brussel sprouts $3.50 & additional dressing $.75


Changes daily.  L $9, S $7


VEGETABLE:  grilled eggplant, roast red pepper, caramelized & fried onions, goat cheese & chimichurri on ciabatta.  $11.50

HUMMUS & ROASTED TOMATO: hummus, roasted tomato, avocado, arugula & pickled cucumber on toasted multigrain. $10

FALAFEL:  mixed greens, falafel, cucumber, tomato & pickled onion on pita. tahini dressing.  $11.50

FRIED CHICKEN: lightly battered chicken, lettuce, tomato. choose honey mustard or special sauce on ciabatta. $12.50

FRIED TOFU: lightly battered tofu, lettuce, tomato. Choose spicy mayo or special sauce on ciabatta. $12.50

CHICKEN:  grilled chicken breast, greens, tomato, avocado smear,  on ciabatta roll.  $11.50

CUBANO: braised pork, ham, pickles, gruyere, fontina & mustard on hero. $12.50

BANH MI: asian roast pork, pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumbers & spicy mayo on hero.  $12.50

MUSHROOM BANH MI: roast mushrooms, pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro & spicy mayo on hero. (contains fish sauce, not vegetarian) $12.50

BLT:  bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli on a white. $9

TOMATO MELT:  tomato jam, mozzarella, pesto on ciabatta. $9

FRENCH HOT DOG:  hot dog, gruyère, mustard, caramelized onion & cornichons on brioche bun.  $8

CHICAGO HOT DOG:  hot dog, relish, celery seed, raw onion, mustard, tomato, sport peppers on brioche bun.  $8

NEW YORK HOT DOG:  hot dog, kraut, onion relish, mustard on brioche bun.  $8

Kids (adults welcome)

FRENCH TOAST STICKS: just what it sounds like. maple syrup to dip into. $5

PEANUT BUTTER & JAM (or FLUFF!):  traditional or melted. white or multigrain.  $5

PEANUT BUTTER & NUTELLA:  traditional or melted. white or multigrain. $5

CHICKEN TENDERS: with honey mustard or special sauce $6

ADD:  banana $1.50 or bacon $2

CHEESE MELT:  cheddar & fontina. white or multigrain.  $4.50

ADD: bacon $2. tomato $.75

HOT DOG:  hot dog on brioche.  $5.50


FRIES:  french fried potatoes.  $5

BRUSSELS SPROUTS: crispy Brussels sprouts with a ginger mustard vinaigrette $5

SIMPLE SIDE SALAD: greens dressed with red wine vinaigrette $3.50

SIDE FALAFEL: 3 falafel wih lemon tahini $4

FOOD ALLERGIES?  if you have a food allergy, please speak to the owner, manager, chef or your server.

SUBSTITUTIONS? Substitutions are discouraged (items are carefully chosen to be perfect as they are).  If you must, just be willing to wait & perhaps pay a modest up-charge in some cases.

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